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Discover EC Factory

EC research center
We invest a lot to improve our ability of researching. We need to keep making new formula, new products, and that would help our customers be faster than others.
Organic Raw Material
Raw material defines what EC quality is. We use the 100% natural and organic gel which made from trees. This gel is bio-medical level, could even use in surgery.
Working Environment
Nobody want to see a dust inside the gel polish bottle, our non-dust lab could create a clean environment, nothing unexpected will get into gel polish and nothing will contaminate the gel polish.
Educating and Empowering Workers
A more educated workforce is a more empowered workforce. We are helping build stronger futures by offering the workers in our factory a wide variety of educational and training programs.
We use the best equipment to make the best gel polish, our maintenance team will check the status of each device.
Quality Control
There are many steps when producing the gel polish, even small risk could bring big lost of our customers. That is why we do everything we can to take care of details in the whole process.